Reiki is a healing therapy that was designed by the Japanese Buddhist known as Mikao Usui approximately 100 years ago. The healing process is based on a simple spiritual principle that we are all being guided by one invisible life force that tends to control our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Whenever the energy flows freely, we will be able to tap into the unknown power reserves. However, when it turns into blockages which are often caused by negative thinking, stress overload and unhealed trauma, we will function at sub-optimal levels. You should note that this is not voodoo magic and most non-believers have spent several hours with skilled Reiki masters and have experienced a positive result. In this article, we shall be discussing more on Reiki healing.

Receive energy with Reiki healing

In order to start practicing Reiki healing, you will first have to activate the energy inside you. To do this, you will have to close your eyes, and then some few rounds of breaths. During this time, you can imagine your head’s crown opening and then a stream of healing light flowing at the top of your head all the way into the heart and out via your hands and arms. You will request to be filled up when you require healing most.

While feeling the flow of energy, you should continue breathing, and when you find your becoming busy or start questioning if the practice is working, you should come back to your breath. You will then have to envision yourself as a healing vessel.

How to prepare for Reiki healing

These suggestions will help you prepare for a Reiki treatment. To perform a Reiki self-treatment, you will need to do the following;

· Before starting, you will have to remind yourself that Reiki is a universal life force that exists within everyone. With Reiki, you will be able to strengthen your body’s natural headlining abilities.

· As a patient, it is highly encouraged to carry out Reiki self-treatment whether you are able to feel it or not. It would be best if you considered viewing your Reiki self-treatment as a particular time that you can set it aside to perform during the day when you are peaceful and calm.

· It is highly advisable to set a regular time every day to carry out a Reiki self-treatment. When starting, it is best to start with 20 minutes of Reiki self-treatment in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening as you end the day. You can perform Reiki treatment for a more extended period if you would like to; this means you can add 30 to 60 minutes. You can as well adjust the time of the day to best suit your schedule.

· You should look for a safe and comfortable space to carry out a Reiki self-treatment in your home. Always try the same spot regularly. You might as well consider practicing these forms of treatments while seated on a chair or even lying on your back on the bed, sofa or the floor.

· Consider carrying out the Reiki healing process all by yourself in your room; however, if you require safety and care, you might as well consider tagging along with someone.

· Avoid distractive noises; this means that you will have to create a quiet environment. Most individual tend to find it helpful when playing some instrumental music that will have them feel relaxed during the healing process.

· Once you are ready to commence on Reiki healing process, you should go to the designated spot, remove your shoes and have the relaxing musical instrument playing in the background. When reclining on your sofa, you should have a pillow placed under the head and a second pillow under your knee. In order to achieve maximum comfort, you can place a blanket over your body to help you keep warm and then close your eyes. During this time, you need to relax your body and mind. You can then make a mental note of a special place in your head or body that require special attention during the process. It would be best if you always remembered that, you are practicing Reiki healing for the most significant and highest good. During the process, you should breathe with ease and try to relax your breath throughout. By doing so, you will be helping your body focus on your breath as you perform several positions.

Final verdict

Reiki healing has been practiced for several years, and it is said to effective when performed correctly. As we conclude, we hope that this article has been of great help when it comes to learning and understanding the Reiki healing process.