Reiki is a technique that originates from Japan that is used to reduce stress, and for relaxation purposes, the method can also be used for healing purposes. It is carried out by laying on the hands where it is based on the belief that “life force energy” flows over us and is why we are alive.

The reiki healing was established by Dr. Mikao Usui, who came from a wealthy Buddhist family, thus acquiring education. While learning, Dr. Usui had an interest in theology, psychology, and medicine. The interest encouraged him to find a way of healing himself and other people by merely laying hands. In the monastery, Usui was attending a training rediscovery course of his own on a mountain called Kurama, where He fasted, meditated, and prayed for 21 days. He experienced a life-changing event on the morning of the 21st day as he was able to see ancient symbols of Sanskrit, which helped him come up with the healing system he was struggling to establish. Dr. Usui founded a healing clinic and a center for teaching in Kyoto after the awakening, where he spread this new art of healing. To ensure that his original painting of healing was not lost after his death, the selflessness Dr. Usui taught several masters among them was the renowned Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a retired naval officer. Dr. Chujiro went ahead to establish a Reiki clinic in Tokyo successfully.

The spread of Reiki to the western countries

In the year 1935, Mrs. Takata was in Tokyo and was very ill hence required surgery. Her instincts strongly opposed operation; therefore, she inquired from her doctor on different healing alternatives for her condition. Her doctor informed her of the Reiki practitioners in town, and even though she had never heard of this kind of treatment, she was compelled to make an appointment, marking the beginning of distance Reiki healing. Her daily sessions with Dr. Hayashi seemed to pay off. They continued to be incredibly healing and relaxing. She saw the need to learn this kind of treatment; hence with time, Mrs. Takata learned Reiki one and Reiki two and eventually became a Reiki master. Near the beginning of World war two, she returned to the United States and continued spreading her healing system. She made some changes to the original form of Reiki healing and started using it to heal other people.

Reiki energy healing.

The healing was founded on the understanding ad revelation of the energy system of the body. The practitioners of this form of healing offer Reiki energy, which is used to restore balance. In many hospitals with a Reiki setup, it’s provided to private practices as a form of traditional healing and therapy that supports the practitioners’ wellness. It’s also used to heal those who are suffering from particular diseases, pain, and illness. In the modern generation, the Reiki practitioners work on self-healing as a prerequisite of offering to heal to others. They have developed a new technique whereby they can transfer their Reiki energy to others through a gentle static light pressure touch, and they can offer even distance prayers.

Reiki attunement

This new process of Reiki healing was developed by The International Centre of Reiki Training (ICRT). It’s similar to initiatory attunement, but in the newly developed, the practitioner is not required to open up to channel the Reiki energy. It was designed to increase the practitioner’s healing power and also dissolve any form of energy resistance around the client by using high-frequency energies. Through this process, the Reiki energy can flow and work more effectively in healing.